Friday, 17 March 2017

How To - Cleaning your LEGO bricks

I recently bought an older LEGO Star Wars set. It was the echo base with the set number Lego Star Wars 7749 - Echo Base. 😃 I paid $ 20.- and it said it would be in good condition (since it was on display and not played with). It arrived very well packed complete with instructions and all the parts without the box.
When I opened the package and looked at the pieces, you could clearly see that there were some scratches, smudges and dirt in general... Kind of like my LEGO looked when I got them from the attic of my parents after 15 years... 😉 So I decided to clean everything to make them look great again. 👍🏻

What do you need for that cleaning process:
  • dish washer or washing machine
  • washing bag
  • dirty LEGO pieces
  • a dry towel
Place all the seperated pieces in the washing bag and put it into your washing machine or as I do it into the dish washer. I use only a short program of 30 min. at around 50 degrees celsius... I also heard of parents washing the pieces at 95 degrees celsius for their children in the washing machine... I guess that is totally up to you. 😃 I also use just a small spoon of cleanser just to give them a slight cleaning.
After the dish washer has finished I take the whole bag out and place the pieces on a dry towel to let them dry some hours. I'm just too lazy to dry everything by hand... 😉 But I haven't had any problems with water spots after that.

That's about it. That is how I clean my used LEGO. Do you have another way? Or do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments! 😃


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