Thursday, 12 January 2017

Gear - Foldio 2 Lightbox

I started looking at the FOLDIO 2 by Orangemonkie a bit over a year ago. But since it wasn't a cheap thing I never got one.

Until now... 😃

I ordered it with a special price at one of our local electronic stores and received it only one day later. Maybe you have no clue about it, maybe you also think about buying. Whatever it is, here is my review for you guys. 😉 
First of all, look at that amazing package! 😃 It looks like it comes from Apple! 😉
The inside is very well packed and the box itself is already in it's fabric cover to protect it. On the right side you'll find all the adapters and cables you need to use your lightbox.
When the box is folded it is very thin and can be carried very easy with the handle on top of it. Unfortunately the cover can't be used with the handle... 😕
The following things are included in the package:
  • the lightbox
  • four backgrounds (white, grey, green, black)
  • two LED-lights, dimmable
  • the power-cable
  • four different adapters (from the USA, the UK to europe and Asia everyone should be covered)
  • a fabric bag for all the cables
  • a short manual
Everything seems to be very well packed and feels very sophisticated.
And that is how the whole box looks assembled. 👍🏻 It is really easy to put up, since you just have to connect the magnets and you can't do it wrong. In this shot, the box misses the lights and the backdrop. Also, the box feels quite sturdy which makes it great to take it with you.
These are the four backdrops. Black seems to be the most advanced fabric which absorbs the light very good and it is hard to put wrinkles into it. Green and grey are a bit thinner and more like paper so be careful and the white one is just a plain white (maybe thick) piece of paper which gets wrinkled very easy! 😳🙂 They come in a transparent plastic bag and I guess I'll use it in the future also to store them.
So this is the finished box with lights and the white backdrop. As you can see, there is plenty of space to put your figures, sets or mocs into it and shoot them without having to worry about lighting or the background. 😃
Now I did shoot some pictures just to show you how it looks like! 😃 This is the white backdrop. Works very good and the lights are awesome. I'm glad that I can dimm them, because otherwise it could be too bright sometimes.
This is the grey backdrop. Not too much of a difference it rather looks like the white one only more dirty so... 😉
The green one is very useful for everyone that wants to work with the shot in Photoshop later. It is the classic green screen like in the movies. And also the free App (only for iPhones) is using that to make some fun pictures (read more down below). 📸
The black and the white background are my favourite. I really like the way these dark shots look like. Maybe they are just a slight touch too bright but you can easily dimm the lights even more or just make some edits afterwards. 😃
And as I said, there is an App in the AppStore to take pictures. Now you can use the App to adjust the temperature and the brightness of your picture which works very good for the people that ise their iPhone-Cam. But the highlight of the App is the special "filter" which recognises green, blue and red and turns these parts into another picture. So I took the snowtrooper onto the green backdrop and aimed at him with my iPhone, since the backdrop was all green the App changed the background from plain green to this snowy scenery automatically. It looks ok but you can see the problem. The green reflections... so maybe I need to work on it a bit more or yeah... maybe I just forget about the App to be honest... 😉

So for me the FOLDIO 2 is a great lightbox to use and I wouldn't give it back. It is easy to build up, easy to store, great to shoot everywhere and all in all a must-have for many toy photographers. 😃 (By the way: I wasn't payed to say that!)

If you need more information, check out it out here: FOLDIO 2 And as always, leave a comment if you have some ideas, tipps or if you think something is wrong. 😃


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