Friday, 11 November 2016

How To - Sorting and storing my LEGO-Bricks

I always had a hard time finding the right system to sort and store my LEGO. As a child it was easy, since I did not care about every single piece too much or if I didn't find the right piece immediately. But as an adult I always wanted to build things myself and to store the bricks in a way that I could find everything fast and comfortable. 🙂
At first I tried to use the "Glis-Boxes" from IKEA (IKEA GLIS Box) They are quite useful and so I sorted everything in there. Then I numbered every box (at that time I had around 40 of these boxes).
Then I took 4 "Glis-Boxes" and put them into a "Tjena-Box" also from IKEA (IKEA TJENA-Box). Afterwards I took a photo of the content in every single box and printed a small book to find everything (according to the box-numbers) quite fast.

I can really recommend that system for smaller or mid-sized collections maybe up to 20'000 pieces max. But you can imagine, that the larger the collection gets the more problematic this system gets... So I was thinking of something new. And I found some inspiration in the last parts collection video by Jangbricks on Youtube (Click here).
And that are all of my parts today! 😳😃 I ordered these 5 big drawer-boxes on amazon and got 2 of the small tool-boxes for the small parts in my local DIY-/ Hardware-Store. Right now I sorted everything except of some display-sets and used around 4,5 of these boxes. You can find all details and prices about the boxes (and the different variations) on Amazon (IRIS - 12). For the smaller tool boxes you have to check your local DIY-Store since I got them in a sale and they aren't branded (Allit-Box). But honestly I like that they are made completely out of plastic so they aren't as heavy as the steel ones. 😃👍🏻
I sorted most of the pieces by color. Some are mixed when it comes to bricks and plates. Others are separated or even seperated into big or small plates. I did it how I think I find the needed pieces as fast as possible. I guess it is important that everyone finds his own system. 😃
In the smaller boxes and drawers are only the very small parts. Minifigure accessoires, steering wheels, seats, claws, 1x1 round plates, 1x1 plates, transclear pieces and things like that.

On top of all I placed some 16x32 and some 32x32 base plates with my most used minifigures... randomly put there and not in a specific order. Just the ones I'm not currently using but also don't want to put away. 🙂
Now that I sorted and stored everything this is my city layout and the place where I build or shoot. 🙂
Here it gets a bit less organised...
...and here I'll shoot my indoor shots! It changes from time to time but the place, the table and the lights stay. Not the best setup for sure but it works for me... The next thing I would love to get is one of the Foldio 2 Light Boxes with built-in LED's . But you know, we always need one next thing... 😉

I hope I was able to help you guys a little bit when it comes to organising and storing your loved bricks! 😃 If you have some tips for me and the others or if you have some questions just comment down below! 👍🏻


PS: Update: I've got a Foldio 2, so check it out here: Link

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