Friday, 19 August 2016

Gear - What I carry with me everyday

Since I'm working Monday to Friday I normally shoot only around weekends. But to be sure to be ready whenever I get a chance to shoot I also take some equipment with me to work. 📷

I use my DSLR for every shot I take. Some years ago I was using my iPhone but then discovered the much better quality and a great macro-lens and decided to switch over.

That means, I take my cam also to work. It is a Sony SLT-A55 with a 18-55mm lens. I would love to take my macro-lens (Sigma 105 mm F2,8 EX Makro DG OS HSM-Objektiv) with me as well but that thing is just way too heavy.

And of course I also take some figures with me... well maybe the better word is "a whole lot of" figures. I can't decide which ones I want to take with me so I take nearly everything... 😉 I use a plastic case which I got from the crafts shop where you have small sections and a well closing lid.

So for my office, while at lunch or in my breaks, I can use that case and the figures as they are. But sometimes, when I go out at lunch time a use another very small case to only take 4-5 figures with me. It is just a normal metal case (former candy box). 📦

As you can see I'm maybe different then everyone else with my daily pack. For me it works fine and with this system I also have everything ready for my holidays.

Do you take some figures with you to work or on holidays? Comment down below and tell me about your habbits! 😃

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