Sunday, 28 August 2016

BTS - Zombie-Shot (Short)

I just wanted to show you guys a very short look behind the scenes of my latest zombie-picture. 😃📸 That shot was very random... I walked around our house and found a place with some stones and dust and that little plant... So I laid onto the floor and started shooting.
I tried to rearrange the figures and the stones different times and as soon as I had some shots and wanted to pack my things: The fly appeard! 🐜🐝🐞🕷
I quickly changed to continuous shooting and took around 20 shots until the fly was gone and that's how this worked. So everything was completely random and no animal or minifigure was hurt in the making of this shot! 😂😉

Thanks for reading and maybe you can leave a comment down below! 🙂


PS: I've got the figures from, check them out! 😉

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