Monday, 22 August 2016

Thoughts - Embarrassing?

Is it embarrasing for you to tell people around you that you are a toy photographer or a LEGO-Collector? Do you feel strange while lying on the floor? 😂

Honestly, I really did at times. Especially at the start but now I think I'm aloud to call myself a toy photographer and I'm proud of it. I'm still very insecure about my shots and most of the time think all others are so much better. But when I look at where I started, I learned so much in the past 2 years and my pictures developed so much... it is really incredible. 😱

This is one of my first shots on IG... only with the iPhone and mostly in my office. 😃
I like that shot for "TasheTuesday" and it got me over 100 likes. I was so proud of myself... 😂
And today I'm using a Sony DSLR with a Sigma Macro lens, I try to be mostly out and about and I try to catch different backgrounds, locations, lightings, scenes and I try to get a story into the shot (even if this is still a point I need to improve). 📸

That's what I tell/show most of the people around me and that is also why it is not embarrasing anymore to lie flat on the floor to catch the best picture.

Even if some shocked neighbours are running towards me asking if anything is ok with me, if I stumbled over something or if I need some help to get up again. 😂

The positive thing about it is: I found some carying neighbours (something that gets in handy if you really have a problem) and I get to know new people. 😃👍🏻

What are your experiences? Still embarrassed? Tell me about it in the comments down below! 😃


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