Thursday, 18 August 2016

Thoughts - Do you use a watermark?

First of all: Yes, I do watermark all of my work! ✍🏻️

I read an article some months ago about this theme on and sat down to think about it myself. 

When I first started with some shots on Instagram I never thought about Watermarks. I just took some shots of my sets, why would you watermark that?

But as soon as I tried to shoot a story or make a joke, as soon as I tried to create something, it was clear to me that I have to watermark my work. 🙂

I always use the quite famous app iWatermark+. It gives you the ability to use a simple text or create your own logo with a few clicks. As some of you know, I use only my name which looks good in my opinion and which does not distract the viewer from the shot itself.


Now that was a bit too much about the when and the how but still not about the why.

I guess I'm a bit proud... Yes indeed, I am proud how my shots developed since the first tries, even if I can't compare them to the big accounts. 😃 I'm very self-critical and many of my shots aren't as good as I would like them to be but I do like most of them and very few of them I even love... and that is how I show that to the community. Because every shot is checked by me and proofed as "viewable"... 😉

And the last part of why I watermark my work: The Thiefs. As I said, as soon as I started to try to create something I thought about watermarks. Since I'm not a full-time photographer, this is my hobby which means it needs quite a bit of organisation to have time for it. So I get really mad if someone takes my work without crediting or asking. I have not too much free time and I carefully use them for my hobby, my girlfriend and my friends. That is why I don't want others to steal my pictures without asking. Besides, I never turned down any request for using my shots... Now you (and also my girlfriend 🙂) can say: "it's only kids, they don't know better". True but at least you can see who's work it was and I still try to block and report them... even if I think this should be the parents task, but that's another story...

Feel free to express your thoughts about this topic in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


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