Wednesday, 31 August 2016

BTS - Swimming shark

You guys know, I love water and I used the fountain near my house quite often for taking pictures. This time I wanted to get the Shark-Suit-Guy to swim. It wasn't too easy, since he was not floating perfectly as I wanted him to. 😃 I still came up with one shot that I quite liked.
He (hopefully) looks like he is swimming backstroke. But the water is too dark and there are little hairs or things within the water. So first of all I edit the shot with PS Express on the iPhone. Sharpness, noise-reduction, clarity, lights and shadows and a little bit on the dynamic. 🛠
Now I like the colors but you can also see the hair and the other things very good. 😕 That's exactly why I now start Photoshop Fix. With that App you can (pretty much like on the PC or Mac) make unwanted dots and hairs and stuff simply go away. For such small things on a plain background I use the App... for all the complicated things, I need to use Photoshop Elements 14 on my Mac.
Looks good but then again... That water is too dark and not really "watery"... so I thought about coloring it. I start PicsArt on my iPhone and place a plain blue layer on top of the whole photo.💧
To do that I select the photo and select "paint". On the bottom right you'll find the "layer-button". Now I add a complete blue layer by adding a layer and coloring it blue. Now you can only see a blue rectangle. That is when we select "Soft Light" from the dropdown at the bottom to combine the two layers.💧😃
Now I like the color of the water but not how it changes the color of the skin. It looks a bit too "edited" to me. That means going back to PicsArt again to layer the original shot over this one. Then I'm able to cut out the face and replace it here again. 😉
For this I simply select "Add Picture" and put the original one (without the blue layer) on top of it. Now I can use the "Free Selection-Tool" to mark the parts I want to use in my picture. After the correct area is selected just click "Apply" and only the face will be put onto your picture. Now we have to adjust the size and the position and... 😳
...that's it! The finished shot as I posted it earlier on Instagram. 📸

Hopefully you found this BTS interesting and if you have any questions or even better ideas, tips or tricks about it just leave a comment down below. 😃 Thanks for reading! 🙏🏻


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