Friday, 26 August 2016

BTS - Pirate-Shot

I tried to come up with a lonely pirate in his boat floating on the sea... it wasn't as easy as I thought. But let's start from the beginning. 👍🏻

I started with a pirate in a boat and took it to a nearby fountain... pretty easy - at least until I got to the said fountain! 😃 But them I realised (maybe a bit too late) that the wind and the current in the fountain was too strong to take a clear and nice shot... so I thought about tethering the boat to the rim of the fountain...
The little box is normally for some of my Minifigures and it worked but looked just bad... after that I tried the same setup with a piece of soil. 😂 Then it worked much better. But since there was still so much movement, I had to change the camera mode to continous shooting. 📸 And that was the result:
Now I wanted the string to be gone. This time I used Photoshop Elements 14 on my Mac since the functions for erasing and enhancing these shots is much better (obviously) than on the iPhone. And that is how the final shot looks like, the one you maybe already saw on Instagram. 😃
Thank you very much for reading and hopefully I was able to show you some tips and some "that's how I do it". And again: this is just how I (a small hobby-photographer) does his shots... 🙂 Tell me what you think or what tips you have down below in the comments.



betlik said...

Nice job my friend. I always love behind the scenes photos and stories. Welldone!

Sacha Wittwer said...

Thank you very much! 😃👍🏻🎉🙏🏻 Glad you like it! 😁